Welcome to U-Certs, Creators of Timeless Graduation Plaques to Celebrate your Academic Achievements!

We believe that recognising and celebrating any achievement in life, be it professional or personal, has a hugely positive effect. At U-Certs we transform quality raw materials into highly individual pieces. When you achieve such a considerable milestone in life, only the best quality materials should be used to mark it. Materials that are not only durable, but possess a luxury finish and make a visual statement.

Our desk and wall plaques are produced in stunning finishes such as Black Slate, Black Glass, Walnut Wood, Cherry Wood, Stainless Steel, Vibrant Red Quartz Stone and Crystal White Quartz Stone. We craft smooth, sleek lines, creating a classic and timeless look that gives your achievement the recognition it truly deserves. Start designing your unique plaque now with our user friendly web app, click here to begin.

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